Why The Titans Should Face Palm Chris Palmer Out The Door

My my my, how the mighty have fallen….First, I would like to acknowledge that in my previous article I optimistically stated I believed that after the season opener our Defensive Coordinator Jerry Gray would better prepare our Titans Defense in upcoming games, and that overall they would tighten up as a unit and begin to perform to the talent level that the fans know them to have.  Even though I still believe that this could happen, so far I have been proven wrong.  I did correctly state however, that Offensive Coordinator Chris Palmer still deserved to be fired due to his inability to give our team any sort of Offensive chance to win ball games, due his sub-intellectual inability to ever consciously put together anything resembling a winning Offensive game plan, leading me to believe that it is now to the point that Titans players are all now dumber due to his incessant ramblings during team meetings.

Here are some fun facts to prove my point, Sunday’s game against the Vikings, a game in which our Offense only had 6 plays in the third quarter and put up only 7 total points proves to be one of many prime examples of why I adamantly stated last off-season (2011) that he (Palmer) was a piss poor hiring choice and would drive our Offensive talent into the ground, case in point Chris Johnson’s sudden drop in run production since Palmer’s arrival due to his play calling (averaging 15 runs per game) and zone blocking scheme.  In 2005 Chris Palmer was fired as Offensive Coordinator of the Houston Texans after his Offense was outscored 431-253 for the season, through the first 5 games of the 2005 season, Palmer’s Offense was outscored 141-54 under Palmer’s former suggested and actual first round draft pick, and then starting Quarterback David Carr.

As of now, through 5 games the Titans Offense under his “guidance” have been outscored 181-85 with 21 of Tennessee’s points coming in one game off of 2 Special Teams Touchdowns and 1 pick six by CB Alterraun Verner, so let’s say his Offense has been outscored 181-64.  By now, we have all seen his lack of value and I am sure cried for Head Coach Mike Munchak to fire Palmer, and at this point I am honestly hoping we put up little to no Offensive production in this week’s looming Thursday Night Football game against the visiting Pittsburgh Steelers.  An Offensive loss would force the Titans front office to inform Munchak that he needs to shake up the coaching staff and would push him to release Palmer, thus allowing some hope for our Offensive future.  I for one am willing to wish for an Offensive loss to the Steelers (a team I truly loathe) if it means getting rid of the malignant sidelines cancer known as Chris Palmer.  You may be asking yourself, “ok genius, if we release Palmer who are they going to replace him with?”


Quarterbacks Coach and  Mike Heimerdinger protege Dowell Loggains.  Coach Loggains not only studied under the tutelage of the late Mike Heimerdinger but in in his first season with Matt Hasselbeck, Loggains helped guide him to the third highest passing total of his career as the veteran learned a new offense in Tennessee. Additionally, Rookie Quarterback Jake Locker looked polished in spot duty as he totaled four touchdowns and no interceptions during five games of action.  Loggains would most likely keep the basic packages to ensure some Offensive continuity but would revert back to an Offensive system that not only worked under Mike Heimerdinger but one that the Offensive line, Wide Receivers and Runningbacks are already familiar with.

With this situation helping to address the Offensive damage control woes, let us turn our attention to the Defensive side of the ball.

Through the first five games the Titans Defensive line has 7 sacks…you may be thinking “well that is not too bad, could be worse” and if we were winning ballgames it wouldn’t be as big of a deal as it is. But, please allow me to put it into perspective for you, 27 teams have 8 or more sacks this season with the Chicago Bears leading with 18 overall. In addition, I have provided a short list of players who are tied or have more sacks than the Titans Defensive Line through the first five games of the season. Houston Texans Defense End JJ Watt (8.5 sacks), Packers Linebacker Clay Matthews (8 sacks), Rams Defensive End Robert Quinn (7 sacks) and Bengals Defensive End Geno Atkins (7 sacks).  This lack of production of failing to apply any sort of pressure on opposing Quarterbacks, has lead the Titans to currently hold the 29th Defensive ranking in the league allowing 36 points per game, and a little over 420 yards per game.  If the Titans Defense doesn’t begin to improve, I would expect to see Defensive Line Coach Tracy Rocker’s release with Defensive Line Specialist Keith Millard, being asked to act as interim coach.  If the Defense still fails to improve applying pressure on the Quarterback, thus allowing Defensive Backs and Linebackers to stay on their assignments, it might be fact the proverbial music and release Jerry Gray which would probably be in the midst of an admitted losing season.

Before I end this installment I would just like to let it be known that I chose to focus this article mainly on the Coaching staff due to the fact as a Coach myself, I know that players are only as good as their Coaches and that it is the coaching staff’s responsibility to place players in the correct position, in order to maximize their talent, and once those players are in position it is ultimately up to the player to make the play.  As the situation currently stands, both the Offensive and Defensive Coordinators are failing to do their job and live up to their coaching duties.  I chose to focus more of the attention on Palmer due to his sub-intellectual ability to ever succeed on any sort of level, and also due to my faith and historical precedence that Jerry Gray can right the Defensive ship.  In addition, I could continue this article on what to expect this Thursday against a struggling Steelers team but to be honest, it would only make our current plight all that much more depressing.  Until next time True Titans fans, I bid you fare well and hope that you all take care, and please don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @truetitansnews


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