Titans Head Coach Mike Munchak Wednesday Practice Report

HEAD COACH MIKE MUNCHAK (on if Andrew Luck reminds him of other quarterbacks) Not really. You would never think he’s a rookie. I think he looks very comfortable. He looks like Peyton (Manning) on the play-action stuff. He’s very comfortable … Continue reading

True Titans News Update: Head Coach Mike Munchak’s Wednesday Practice Report


(on what he is looking for from Jake Locker)

When they are on the field, you just want to see guys getting comfortable with the offense him and Matt (Hasselbeck) with having the first offseason to truly learn from what we did last year and watch the cut-ups, which they have been doing.  The quarterbacks are doing exactly what we hoped they would do and this offseason is as valuable to them as it is to anybody.  We all know the problems with last year coming in like they all did and not knowing exactly what we were trying to accomplish.  I think this year they have a lot of tape to watch and they have been doing that.  They have been coming out and doing a lot of technique work which you do this time of year and they have all been doing a great job like we said.  We are real happy with that position.  Now it is a matter of doing it competitively with the players, so that is the phase we are working on now.

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Breaking News: Reinfeldt Promoted To Chief Operating Officer, Webster To General Manager

NASHVILLE, Tenn. —The Tennessee Titans promoted Mike Reinfeldt to Senior Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer after serving as the team’s General Manager for the past five seasons, and Ruston Webster was elevated to Executive Vice President/General Manager after serving two seasons as the Titans Vice President of Player Personnel. Additionally, Lake Dawson has been promoted to Vice President of Player Personnel.

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Titans Coach Mike Munchak End Of Season Press Conference


(on if it’s tough to think about how close the playoffs were)

Yeah, like we have been saying all along, it’s nice to be going 17 weeks and having the last week of practice where it still meant a lot to the team because I have been part of it when it hasn’t meant a lot and it’s a little tougher mentally to get ready to go. All of our focus was beating the Texans so it made for a fun week. We had to win and we did. We did what we had to do in the game and we put ourselves in that position to where we had to rely on others. Hopefully the lesson that we learned is that you can’t hope that someone else can do your job for you. We had to earn our way in and we didn’t. We are happy with a lot of things we did during the season but obviously the bottom line is to make the playoffs, to win the division number one or have to go Wild Card and we didn’t accomplish that. That’s something that we were disappointed with because our expectations were that high. We weren’t thinking that we were going to win two or three more games than last year because people don’t think we can do that, ours was always thinking higher than that and winning the division. We had a chance at that all year long really in our minds. It was in our grasp. We never felt like it was out of our reach until right at the end there when we lost a couple of those games and Houston got hot. It’s disappointing when it ends and you are not playing next week with the 12 other teams. But like I said, a lot of good happened in the season. I think we are heading in the right direction in a lot of areas, but unfortunately it ended last night.

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Titans Head Coach Mike Munchak’s Friday Practice Report


(on if Chris Johnson was limited at practice)

No, he did everything that we asked him to do so I think he will be fine on Sunday…He ran some good routes and did some things, so he looked pretty good.

(on the large Houston injury report and if he is expecting them to play)

Until you see their list of who is inactive and who is hurt, like they have been saying, I wouldn’t expect anything less and they are playing everybody and they want to win the football game obviously so we are just worrying about us.

(on if Jason Jones will be able to workout on his own)

He will workout here and he will be with us at the game. Usually if the guys aren’t going to play they will workout there also. We will work them before the game so he will get workouts and treatment and get ready for next week.

(on if the injuries at defensive end are less worrisome because Akeem Ayers can rush the passer)

Yeah, he gives us a lot more versatility going into games for that reason that he could go play third down for us if he had to on passing downs and on nickel. That’s going to be nice about him going forward into the future too, there are so many things he could do for us.

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