Offseason Recap

I know this article has been a long time coming but to be fair, the past few months for me have been a rollercoaster of events and emotions that anyone who has ever been through a divorce (even though I was only engaged) can tell you, the first few months after you are just doing your best to breath and make it to the next day.  Anywho, there is my backstory and although I know it’s not a good excuse keeping everyone on hold, it’s what has prevented me from posting.  With that being said, let’s move forward.

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Titans Looking Forward to 2012 Season After Strong Finish

NASHVILLE, Tenn. —The Titans will look inward as part of the team’s plan for moving upward, Mike Munchak said a day after his first season as Tennessee’s coach ended.

Munchak said Titans coaches will meet and evaluate each other, and he wants to have conversations with each of the teams’ 20-plus players whose contracts are up.

“I think it’s good that they know what our plans are for them so it doesn’t become a ‘We haven’t talked to the Titans situation.’ I hope they want to be back here,” Munchak said. “I hope it’s because they think we’re heading in the right direction and we’ve got something special happening here and even though we didn’t get as far as we hoped to get, I think they feel it, I think they see it, (but) I know business comes into this.”

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Titans Head Coach Mike Munchak’s Friday Practice Report


(on if Chris Johnson was limited at practice)

No, he did everything that we asked him to do so I think he will be fine on Sunday…He ran some good routes and did some things, so he looked pretty good.

(on the large Houston injury report and if he is expecting them to play)

Until you see their list of who is inactive and who is hurt, like they have been saying, I wouldn’t expect anything less and they are playing everybody and they want to win the football game obviously so we are just worrying about us.

(on if Jason Jones will be able to workout on his own)

He will workout here and he will be with us at the game. Usually if the guys aren’t going to play they will workout there also. We will work them before the game so he will get workouts and treatment and get ready for next week.

(on if the injuries at defensive end are less worrisome because Akeem Ayers can rush the passer)

Yeah, he gives us a lot more versatility going into games for that reason that he could go play third down for us if he had to on passing downs and on nickel. That’s going to be nice about him going forward into the future too, there are so many things he could do for us.

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Titans Looks To Minimize Big Plays Against Texans

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Titans coach Mike Munchak and defensive coordinator Jerry Gray on Thursday stressed the importance of keeping keen eyes on the football.

It may sound like an obvious step, but the coaches said the Texans are skilled at using fakes and deception to get defenders out of position.

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